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Well friends, this decision was not easy for me, but I recognized that now is the right time to do so. After developing and supporting it for over 10+ years I have decided to retire Kingdom Media Center. It has been a real joy and passion of mine to be involved in a project that has been used and appreciated by thousands of congregations around the world. I would like to thank all who assisted in the translation work and for the many, many suggestions I have received over the years to help make KMC even better.

But don’t worry, KMC will continue to function as-is, however, the current version (4.3.2) will be the last. NOTE: Prior to January 2nd 2017, you will need to replace KMC with an application that will support the new song structure.
You may be wondering, what are our options?
  • JW Library – suitable for playing music and videos on a second screen
  • VLC (Video Lan Client) - suitable for playing music and videos on a second screen
  • SoundBox – has all the capabilities of KMC with many more additional features, including song lyrics that can be displayed for the congregation, and automatic media downloads.
 Personally, I have already installed SoundBox in both auditoriums at my hall, and the brothers love it, I think you will too. From the installation and operations perspective, the transition from KMC to SoundBox is not difficult. 
There is also a team of brothers that support SoundBox and they are very responsive to reported issues.
Here is the link to the SoundBox web site:

Here is the link to the SoundBox user guide:
If you choose to use SoundBox, please refer to the documentation before asking for installation assistance. It is a very complete document (115 pages) and will answer nearly all of your questions.
For those of you who prefer videos as opposed to reading (keep the User Guide handy anyway), you can find how-to videos here:
and here:
I plan to assist the brothers working on the SoundBox help desk, so we may cross paths again in the future. If you are ever in the Northern California area and want to grab a cup of coffee, let me know.
Thank you for the many years of support!
Sincerely, your brother
Bryan Jones