Kingdom Media Center Feature List
Kingdom Media Center is a Windows based application that is used to playback MP3 music and record meeting content to MP3. 

Version 4.2

  1. Improved Video Player with Video Stack and other cosmetic changes
  2. Auto Split (determines if Auto Record will split at song 2)
  3. Y-M-D file naming
  4. Auto Year Text at startup
  5. Stopped video player from blanking out Year Text, if displayed, until play button is clicked on video player
  6. Fixed error 'file already present' when auto copying recording file to alternate folder
  7. Trapped the ugly error that occurs at KMC startup when there is no sound device or speakers attached
  8. User is now able to enter Song Stack songs while Background Music is playing and added Tooltips to the SS buttons
  9. Launch buttons get configured when one user creates a new launch and then switches to a different user
  10. Run maximized option was added
  11. Ability to hide the volume control
  12. Autostart Background Music
  13. Fade out music volume when stop is pressed
  14. Fixed new song lyrics issue (songs 143/144/145 do not have lyrics embedded in the MP3s yet)
  15. Changed button from '136>' to '=> 136'
  16. And a few other things that will probably go unnoticed  :-)

Version 4.0

1. On screen volume control
2. Auto Record
3. Recording split button
4. Video Player
5. KMC version tracker
6. Internet status indicator (destination for PING set-able)
7. Album art displayed
8. Piano vs. Orchestra version indicator
9. Pause button
10. Recording file name date option M-D-Y or D-M-Y
11. Pre-Meeting/background music source selection
12. Maximum song number detection automatic vs. manually set
13. Ability to move recording automatically after recording is finished
14. Launch Tab, provides ability to launch external applications from within KMC
15. Download Tab, now use JW.ORG directly to download music for any available language
16. Music files now saved to a KMC support folder to avoid security issues
17. Music folder scanner to check for missing files


Feature List:
Release 3.4.1
Release 3.4
  • NEW - Consistant Start - KMC will start in the same physical location that it was in when it was closed when being ran in window mode as opposed to full screen mode. 
  • NEW - Remote Display - This is a new tab on the main interface to be used for displaying a graphic image onto a second monitor attached to the KMC PC. This was a request for an Assembly Hall that is using KMC for music playback, recording, and additionally wanted to display the assembly event text or the year text  on a distributed video system (i.e. TVs hanging on the wall). Screen shot below.
  • NEW - Slovak Language support

Release 3.3
  • Adjust Master Volume in app
  • Pre set background music volume setting
  • Un-mute master volume automatically
  • Specific features added for Assembly & Convention mode playback and recording. See User Guide in the downloads. The 3.2.1 version is still applicable.
  • You can now run KMC in Window Mode or Full Screen Mode. Look for checkbox on the Settings tab
Existing features
  • Supports all available language MP3s (lyrics & song titles)
  • Support for multi-language interface (required language support file is needed for desired language). See Language tab above.
  • Play background music. Only plays random songs from the 135 Sing to Jehovah Piano songs. The ability, if needed, still exists to play Other MP3s, by clicking on the "Play Other Music" button.
  • Able to change congregations (Switch Users) without shutting down
  • Automatically download, unzip, and copy the MP3 music zip file for chosen language(s). Adjust the Windows UAC settings to low if this feature does not behave properly.
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Integrates with Audacity
  • Supports both the old and new song libraries
  • Direct entry of song number to cue
  • All music played from hard drive, no CD shuffling
  • Song stack used to pre-load up to 3 songs for a meeting
  • Song automatically stops at the end (not possible to "roll" into the next song)
  • Able to view song:
    • Total time
    • Time played
    • Time remaining
    • Percent played
  • Displays song lyrics in selected language
  • Can be used to replace two components such as MP3/CD player and CD burner
  • Easily & quickly copy MP3 file(s) to thumb drive
  • Burn CDs as audio or data discs
  • Supports multiple congregations
  • XP /Vista / Windows7 compatible
  • Hard drive stats displayed
  • Built in MP3 file management
  • Record meetings direct to MP3 
  • Recorded files automatically named with date and time
  • Able to Title Tag the MP3 files
  • Recorded files are stored in each congregations Music folder
  • Tabbed architecture allowing easy navigation and more screen space
  • Users have limited access to the Windows environment when running in the Full screen mode