Managing Pre-Meeting Music

So you want to add and/or remove songs from the Pre-Meeting Music list...
1.  Escape out of Kingdom Media Center by double clicking on the hidden button. You should already know where the hidden button is... :-)
2.  When you escape from KMC you should return to Windows. Click on the Windows Start button and go to My Computer > C: (drive) > Program Files > Kingdom Media Center > Media > Audio > Orchestral. In Vista it will look like the screen shot below.
3.  When you successfully navigate to this folder you can copy and paste or drag and drop the MP3 files that you wish to add to the Pre-Meeting Music listing.
4.  If desired you can also delete some of the existing MP3s. NOTE: At this time do not delete the 1 test, 2 test, or 3 test MP3s, as the installer in the background at start-up will reinstall them. In the next release we will see to it that these can be deleted.
5.  Close the file folder window.
6.  Restart KMC by double clicking on the    shortcut on the desktop.
7.  When KMC is up and running again, click on the Pre-Meeting Music button  and your new songs will be listed and ready to be played.
added on 6/26/2009 @ 10:59PM