Windows 7

Kingdom Media Center 2.4 now supports Windows 7 32 & 64bit
KMC 2.3 Windows 7 support work arounds are below:
Do to a slight change in Windows 7, you will need to use this work around.
Until I am able to create a new release for KMC here is what you need to do to get KMC to run correctly on Windows 7.
Before installing KMC do these steps, if you already tried to install on Windows 7 you will need to uninstall first.
1. Download the batch file named RecDirMP3.bat, after you download it you will need to rename it and take the word 'REMOVE' off the end of the name. To rename it, just right click on the file and select rename.
2. Install KMC 2.3 (do not try to run it when it is done)
3. Move RecDirMP3.bat to the KMC folder at: C:\Program Files\Kingdom Media Center\
4. Change the UAC (User Account Control Settings) to 'Never notify' then click 'OK', otherwisr KMC will not be able to execute the batch files that create the pre-meeting music and recording list text files.
To find UAC, click the Start button and type UAC in the search box right above the Start button and then hit enter and UAC will start.
5. Restart the computer
6. Now you can start KMC for the first time and you should get a greeting box, hit OK and KMC should start without any error messages.
Done ;-)